Jackie, your lead photographer

She’s an opinionated introvert, a listener, an artist, a lover of things that are bonafide, beautiful and quality-made. She deeply cares about her craft and that your wedding photos are a treasure for the rest of your lives.

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Early in her career she formally studied photography and studio art. She’s photographed weddings for over ten years – from the Caribbean Sea to the streets of New York City and has acquired many accolades along the journey. She’s grateful to to have been published all around the globe along with being noted as one of Colorado’s top wedding photographers.

Matt, your photojournalist

He’s a gregarious extrovert who can step into a group of people he’s never met  and make you feel like you’ve loved him for years. He’s a teacher, a storyteller, a musician, a learner and can ski as well as he walks.

Matt has this way of documenting weddings that highlights real life. His photojournalistic imagery has a simple yet significant aesthetic. When he’s not blending in with the guests at your wedding you will find him climbing trees for the right angle and squatting in the dark, in his dress shoes, in the middle of a snowstorm holding Jackie’s lights to make your wedding art pieces.



Through the last ten years, Selah has developed a fine tuned approach towards photographing weddings that captures the essence of what is important, unique and timeless. Their approach towards photographing is easy and stressless. It avoids cheesy, posed, unnatural wedding photography. It concentrates on documenting you and all you love most in the world.

It doesn't take long for a pretty portrait to lose meaning if it doesn't have life in it. However, a photo with a story can be significant for generations.

Before your wedding we'll spend time getting to know you, asking many questions so that our presence is a natural extension of your community. On your wedding day, we vacillate between seasoned directors and fly's on the wall. These roles play an integral part in creating wedding imagery that remembers people, relationship, interaction, emotion and happiness. We want the beauty of your images to go much deeper than the way you will look on the outside.

Matt and Jackie are based in Denver but will travel anywhere for the sake of a good love story. After all, their cameras have wings.

We got married a year after we began photographing weddings together. "And when we got married she stopped paying me." Our passion for people, marriage and love is driven by our faith in Jesus. He's the giver of our gift.

"Our whole experience with Jackie and Matt was unbelievable. We were immediately comfortable with them. We felt as though they truly GOT us, without knowing us long at all. They are loving, empathetic humans with an uncanny ability to seek out the fleeting moments that mean the most."

Melissa, Boulder

"Jackie's unobtrusive style is fantastic. She gets the documentary-style shots I like while helping everyone enjoy the day with her easy-going personality. Her images are a brilliant mix of fine art and photojournalism. Each photo creates an emotion in me, which is why her style is my favorite.

From my experience, she's able to get those honest moments because she's able to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera"

Whitney, St. Paul MN

"I cannot say enough good things about working with Jackie. From the communication arranging the shoot, to her willingness in working with my ideas, to her flexibility day of (navigating a small restaurant isn't easy, but she did it with ease and we were much more comfortable than we thought we would be!), to her artistic eye, to her *incredible* final product... everything was perfect. She has my business for life."

Stephanie, Denver

"Bottom line: Best wedding photographers you're going to find. Selah doesn't just snap formals, they are artists that capture the moments that define your big day. Beautiful ceremony photos, journalistic reception stills, but what you're really hiring them for is their unique vision when it comes to the bridal party shoot. It's your wedding day and you want the photograph to capture what makes you, you. And the end product? Amazing. You'll swear your photos came straight out of a high-class magazine spread."

Josh, Orange CA

"Jackie and Matt came into our small, mighty group and captured more then I even thought possible. The love, laughter and magic of the occasion JUMP off of the images they took. They told the exact story of how each person felt that day. Not a glossy, posed version of the truth, but how it actually went. It was imperfect and loud and colorful and emotional and real...and they captured it all. "

Melissa, Boulder