Most memorable moments of the year

Most memorable moments of the year

As a wedding photographer, I document so many moments each year. Looking back through nearly 100,000 photographs I took during the 2011 wedding season I pulled out some of the most memorable and impacting moments I experienced during the wedding season.

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Best photos of 2014

couple dancing at wedding

This image is of Chris and Steph. The two were one of the first couples I photographed at their amazing New York Wedding. Years later, it was a joy to photograph them again as guests at a wedding. Still as in love as the first time.

fun event at wedding

Kickball is all the rage these days. Aaron and Rachel wanted to personalize all of their photographs. Many of their attendants were on their kickball team…and it was just very appropriate to play a little game after their ceremony.

dancing at ceremony

Mohawks, Green Chucks…and dancing down the isle. This wedding was one of the most unique and personal weddings I have experienced. The parents, wedding party, pastor and bride and groom danced down the isle to a jazz instrumental piece. Smiles were painted on the faces of all the guests through the whole ceremony.

]couple at wedding kissing

Yes, the first kiss at the wedding usually is full of beauty. In this rare case, the first kiss was actually the couples first kiss. I found it to be one of the most moving and beautiful moments of intimacy I have ever witnessed. This photograph was taken immediately after the seal of commitment. You can feel their joy.

fun wedding photograph

I love this image for many reasons…but the baby being held in the air on the far left is definitely the highlight of the image. I get a good laugh out of it every time I see this photograph.

interacting couple

A reception slideshow is a reception slideshow…right? Not in this case. The bride’s brother put together one of the most incredible “life until now” slideshows that I have ever seen. I would watch this again for fun. It included videos, jokes, pictures and pure creative brilliance. Like a good movie, it left you switching from laughter to tears within seconds.

emotional moment between mother and daughter

Through all of Ashley and Erik’s wedding planning, Ashley’s mom showed incredible attention to the details of the wedding. It was such a reflection of her love for her daughter. I could tell that the whole day was so beautiful and important to her, this image is a strong reflection of that.

fun groomsman photographs

It was kind of a dream for this set of boys to be followed around by a photographer. From handstands to dancing to chest bumping, give them a photographer and they will perform. Yes, the groom is the one on the front left who picked the wrong sized partner to chest bump.

fire truck

The Beaver Creek fire truck showed up for the exit vehicle during Katharine and Adam’s wedding. I have definitely never seen such a great exit vehicle.

]wedding at red rocks

Documenting this wedding was such a blessing for me. The love and joy that flowed from this couple is difficult to put into words. Watching them interact was a reminder of love’s greatness. LC searched and searched for a photographer that could document her post-wedding session in perfection. These photographs meant so much to them. As a photographer, there is nothing better than that.

fun groomsman photograph

This is right after the embarrassed groomsman’s shirtless senior photograph showed up on the slideshow. 

interactive image

I forgot that I was photographing a couple instead of a child when I said “tickle tickle” and motioned my fingers towards the bride and groom. The laughing groom suggested that I never do that again…but it worked, right?


wedding party dancing on bar

Yes, they are dancing on the bar. Only in Nebraska.

fathers love

I imagine that the wedding day always presents a host of emotions for the father of the bride. This photograph captures the expressiveness of the father seeing his daughter for the first time on the wedding day.


planking groomsman

This is one of the many “planking” photographs I snagged of Bobby’s groomsman. Their wedding was a week after the planking episode came out on the Office. These guys couldn’t get enough of it.

karaoke groomsan

This epic rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody during the karaoke-dance reception of Andy and Angela was the highlight of the reception.

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Best photos of 2014

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