Why take engagement photos?

Consider the following questions:

  • Do we want posed or natural photographs?
  • Is there a certain style of photos we like or don’t like?
  • What are we planning on doing with the photos? Gifts? Books? Wall art?
  • Do we want the best engagement photographer or just a few photos of us?
  • Would we be able to tell the difference?

Think beyond announcement.  Think artwork.

These photos are worthy for more than save-the-date cards.  They can be personal, meaningful artwork that will hang on the wall. They’ll act as a unique reminder of where you started your commitment to each other. They’ll be more than a large photo of you two smiling at the camera—they’ll be the crown jewel of your living room.

urban engagement photographs
urban engagement photographs


Engagement photos are heirlooms.

Can these pictures hang on the walls of your home?  Will you show them to your grandchildren to speak of what has been?

Consider this your photo rehearsal.

How can you make your wedding photos really great? Practice. At the very least, engagement photography gives couples an opportunity to practice in front of the camera. There is no pressing schedule and no crowd of wellwishers. It’s just you and your intended and your photographer in some favorite places.  Every photographer directs differently, whether it's someone just starting out or the best engagement photographer you can find. Whoever it is, it’s always helpful when your engagement photographer also covers your wedding. If you choose Selah to capture your engagement, then we get to know each other and we just step into a groove on your wedding day.


fine art wedding photogapher
fine art wedding photogapher

You are a different couple at your engagement then your wedding.

The nature of the time between your proposal and your wedding is that it doesn't last long.  Eventually you plan the wedding, you exchange vows, and your lives are forever joined.  Engagement photos capture the anticipation, the excitement, the possibility.  

The best thing about engagement photography is that it gives couples a set of photos that show more of who they are.  Unhindered by the trappings of weddings, we make images that show your unique character and your closeness as a couple. This is the real you: hand in hand, strolling down the street in your favorite boots and laughing at each other’s jokes.  These are couples in their essence.

fine art wedding photographer
fine art wedding photographer

How much do engagement photos cost?

The photography industry is similar to many creative fields in that there isn’t a one-price-fits-all approach. You are paying for experience, quality, service and a unique product. Most photographers will offer digital files. Though it’s not as popular, some may charge a flat session fee and offer prints and products outside of the session. For a seasoned professional, you will be looking at $350 to $700 a session.  Many photographers offer a discount when the photo shoot is purchased alongside wedding day coverage. Interested in hiring us for your engagement session? Click through for more information on our engagement sessions.

artsy wedding photography
artsy wedding photography

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