Cheesman Park

Earthy . Colorful . Classic . Natural . Superstitious

Don’t let the superstitions scare you. Located in Denver, Cheesman Park is a beautiful location for photography. The area is lush with trees, flowers, green grass, and the white pavilion located on the property brings in some classy architecture to the outdoorsy park feel. This location is a must for anyone looking for the best spot in Denver to photograph during the turn of fall. Any Denver engagement photographer will be chasing the color found at this park.



Modern . City . Unique

Let us take you to one of Denver’s sweet, hidden city skyline locations where it’ll be just you, an open field and Denver’s skyline. Let’s shoot into the sunset to give you a set of engagement photos that can hang on your walls as art work.

selah0066 (1).jpg


Lookout Mountain

Wilderness . Romantic . Colorado . Earthy . One of a kind

Just 25 minutes west of Denver lies Lookout Mountain. If you like the great outdoors and the vastness of mountain ranges, this is the perfect place for you. The area is rich in trees, rocks and a big blue sky overlooking a mountainous view. Sunset is the prime time for photography at Lookout Mountain; it illuminates the area in warm oranges and yellows as the sun slowly settles behind the range. Lookout Mountain is located on the front range of the Rocky Mountains and is only miles from Boettcher Mansion, a popular wedding venue.



wide open spaces . trees . beautiful views

Sweeping views from a high vantage point offering panorama's from the city to Red Rocks. With a short amount of walking, we have nearly a 360 degree mountain-top view.


Bradford-Perley house in Ken-Caryl

Red rocks. Dramatic views, Open fields

We’ll show you one of south - front range’s secret spot that gives you a feel of being on the edge of the foothills and actually inside of red rocks. Just at the edge of Morrison, it’ll feel like we are deep in the mountains.



incredible mountain views . serene . lake

This mountain lake offers incredible mountain views on a lake nestled in a mountain valley. The lake is open seasonably, closing for the winter months. A $100 travel fee applies along with any necessary permitting to photograph at the lake.



(built into your wedding collection)

choose between three of Denver's best locations.



City . Trees . Natural . Sky Views

Another respite from the busy city. This urban park is bordered by the slow-moving South Platte on one side and downtown Denver on the other. Enjoy sweeping lawns, beautiful foliage, and huge sky views. This place evolves with the seasons, so plan your visit accordingly. Across the street we find Millennium Bridge that overlooks 16th street and the city. The location gives a good mixture between natural and urban. 



Natural . City Views . Lake

This urban park contains the best of Denver. Layered in the background, you’ll see the silhouetted Rockies and the downtown skyline. In the park, meander through acres of mature trees, grassy fields, and summer flowers. The two lakes and old boathouse provide just one more unique touch to this natural site.



Urban . Denver - Hipster . Edgy Design

RINO art district is a booming neighborhood  found north of downtown featuring many of the cities most innovative and fresh business storefronts. Its blend of urban charm and unique industrial revival makes it a great destination for  couples who's style is on trend and want to document not only who they are but what the rest of the world was doing during the area.