Mile High Station Wedding

Mile High Station Wedding | A luxury wedding - dreams do come true.

Nick and Carrie will forever go down in wedding history as the couple who knows how to follow their dreams. We’re still not sure how they pulled it off, but they managed to have the perfect combination of setting set and open windows and transparent furniture in an open concept building; as if they had hired the weather to assist them on their special day.


Details stood in this wedding. Details also made a prominent appearance in the getting-ready photos, the meal, the nearby putting station, and for sure, “details” was on the mind of the schedule itself. With help from “We Tie Knots”, Nick and Carrie were able to successfully pull off an idea nested with ideas.



The floral display created by The Perfect Petal, the customized golf balls, a cigar rolling station, the circular setting of the wedding itself… it wasn’t a typical girl’s dream wedding, because the aestheticism and intentionality were far beyond typical. It is not typical to fasten a bell to the wall so that whenever it is rung a hand reaches out from a curtain to offer you champagne. No. These guys didn’t leave anything to chance and we were honored to be among their chosen vendors to participate in the experience.

Looking back on the photos of Carrie and Nick, however, we realize that at the root of what makes good photography is the same thing that makes for good weddings, and overall quality of life, which is human emotion and sincerity manifested in love. Carrie is the kind of bride who really knows how to smile at life and when those two looked at each other, they were in a world of their own; a world they had built together and were continuing that day forward with public commitment. Lucky for us, we got to capture that all night long with a mirage of details as the backdrop. A big thanks to Nick and Carrie for letting us take part in this important day of their lives.