A Colorado Indian, American wedding

David and Mimi - Gratitude on Horseback




The only thing better than our recent groom, David, would be four identical Davids, with laughter and loving sincerity spilling out of each of the four faces on the happiest day of their lives. With still photography and a three-fold mirror system, this came to a serendipitous fruition. However, despite some first-time articles of clothing to adorn the groom of his India-in-Vail wedding, pre-gaming with David was only a fraction of the experience of what would become the David and Mimi wedding. 



This was one of those events that you are constantly having to choose what to look at and what to photograph, meanwhile every time you set the camera down you look at your fellow photographer and mouth the words, “Is this really happening?”. It did really happen. A family of Indian heritage dressed in full traditional garb accompanying their beloved daughter/sister/cousin etc.., Mimi, in traditional style in an unlikely setting of Vail, Colorado.



This wedding was not just a beautiful celebration of love and an embrace of culture and background, but a learning experience. Many of the locals learned some new vocabulary, like baraat, which was the parade of all the wedding party and their groom.

The Vail golf course learned that they have potential to up their game in what they can offer and accommodate as David and Mimi brought in more imagination and color than they were used to. The wedding planner, photographers, and videographers learned that we should all probably wear our pedometers while on the job. And, David, learned that when given a sword and placed on horseback, his inner cowboy comes right out. (For the record, I personally also learned that there is really only one Denver-area horse rental company in the event of an Indian wedding). And, everyone learned a little something about an amazing sense of fashion.

A special shout out to the amazing ladies at Bello and Blue events who effortlessly combine meticulously hard work, precision and a joyful spirit with high heals and dresses on. 




Above all though, the point of the night was less about education and more about commitment and gratitude. Both David and Mimi were very intent on acknowledging and thanking not only each other, but their families as well; even the family members who were dear in their hearts but not physically present. It was an affair to be grateful and we, as photographers, were grateful to be let in to witness first hand what the growing of two tightly-knit families can look like.