Camp Hale Wedding . I love love

A Camp Hale Wetting .

"I love, love."




It takes real courage and and clear picture of what you want out of life to request to your guests an “unplugged” wedding - encouraging them all to just be completely present for the event and keep their focus on love and relationship over hashtags and insta filters. Fortunately for Joel and Jessie, courage and vision are two key features shared mutually between them, which is perhaps not only why their Camp Hale wedding went so smoothly, but also why the supporting friends and family were so emotional and loving throughout the event.




The guests were laughing with optimism at the end of the ceremony as they suddenly found themselves seeing how many people could fit under one umbrella, as well as how many people and fit on the one footbridge that would get them off the island and out of the sudden downpour. Instead of reapplying sunscreen, Joel and and Jessie walked out ahead of the crowd, each holding the hand of the other, keeping step on through the slippery grass while looking at each other’s smiling faces. It was official. The rain sent them and the rest of their wedding party to make a quick pit stop at their cabin where, while every towel was put to use, there was hugging, congratulating, and recapping of what had happened just minutes before.



“This is so beautiful. You guys, seriously, I …  I love love.” Before cocktail hour or reception festivities had even begun, this friend of the bride summed up the moment perfectly, while helping clean Jess’ feet. “I love love.” Had there been a hashtag - or phone service or WIFI for that matter - this phrase alone could have been it. However, in a location such as Camp Hale, which is steeped in historical significance, all attendees involved were happy to be off the grid and in the moment, as witnesses to the beginning of what would be a new significant history for Joel and Jess. Great times. Great people. This was one of those weddings that reminded us of our own love of love, and love of capturing other peoples’.  


A special thanks to the wonderful Claire and We Tie the Knots for orchestrating every details so flawlessly. 
“This is so beautiful. You guys, seriously, I …  I love love.”