Though an engagement sessions can be a fun opportunity to do some shopping, I recommend first looking in your closet. Think about wearing your go-to outfit or something that you feel great in. Think about these photos an an heirloom, photos that tell your story. The photos will feel more authentic if you are wearing something you’ve lived in and have your hair and make-up done in a way that really looks like you.



Coordinate the colors of your outfit choices, but don’t match.  It often works well for one of you to wear a solid and the other to wear a pattern. Stay away from wearing the same color and style of shirt or matching. Clothing that is dominantly gray, black, or white can dull the photos and pull light away from your face. If you look best in one of those options, add in an accessory to bring in a bit of variety. Stay away from very bright colors such asneon. 



  • Heals are a good idea, though they don’t necessarily show up in photos, they give you a good posture.
  • Bring along your favorite lip gloss or lip stick.
  • I recommend wearing a natural amount makeup.
  • I will likely photograph your hands to a degree, make sure that your finger nails are cleaned up.
  • Hair up? Hair down? Try both.


  • It is possible for you socks to show. If you are concerned about this, make sure you have a pair that fits well with your clothing choice.
  • A haircut is always a good idea.
  • Wear something you’re comfortable in. Don’t grab your dress shirt from the back of your closet that you never wear.
  • Makeup is generally not a good idea but a light chapstick is great. 

Changes.  I typically recommend bringing two different outfits for full sessions. Mini sessions do not include a change. Often couples will bring one that is casual and one that is formal. Overall, it’s most important that you bring clothing choices that express you. If you don’t wear business suits on a regular basis, don’t bring a business suit. The images document who you are during this time of your life, so bring clothing options that help tell that story.When trying to narrow down what to wear for your engagement session and are stumped stumped, bring a few different changes and I will help you choose. You are also welcome to bring only one outfit if you desire.

Accessories Yes. Bring hats, scarves, jackets, dogs…anything that helps tell your story.

Want to bring your dog? If you are doing a full session you are welcome to bring a dog along. However,  I do require that you ask a friend to come with and care for the dog when we aren’t photographing with her. We will use the dog for approximately 10 minutes.  Having your pet chained up or sitting in the car more often than not cause a lot of stress on you. Stress is something I can’t photoshop out of an image.

Full engagement sessions typically last an hour and a half. We can go to one or two locations of your choice and you are welcome to have two outfits. If you’re stumped on what to wear for your engagement session, bring a few outfits along and I can help you choose.

Mini Sessions last approximately fifteen to twenty minutes and do not include a clothing change. I will look for a few of the best backgrounds and direct you within them.