a frosty winter engagement & police run in

Frosty Winter Engagement Shoot

These images are fresh off the engagement. Ashlie, Cody and I were able to catch each other five days after the proposal and 6 months after their introduction. The photo session took place at Ashlie's and my hometown, Ord, Nebraska. Ashlie and I have been close since our elementary days and every time we get together I recount the random ways we have encountered the world. I could make lists of momentous things we've walked through together. Needless to say, these images are very special and quite genuine. Here's to a story of energy, providence, connection, laughter and love.

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engaged couple winter engagement photos couple being funny I told Ashlie and Cody to put their foreheads together. They liked the idea so much they decided to put their chins together too. couple hugging

couple looking at wach other

This is when it started to get a little cold... romantic photo of couple engagment commerical engagement image girl laughing

funny picture We didn't think that this image would appear like someone was breaking in to a building. creative photo Cody has a really great vertical. Did I mention that he is an avid snowboarder? That's all it took to get my approval. policeThough we didn't think there was anything harmful in Cody's Spiderman looking photo, the friendly police lady did. couple talking I wasn't sure if I would get in trouble for taking photos of this or not, but I was willing to push the boundaries for the hilarious photo opportunity. If there is one thing I have learned as a photojournalist, it's that the best stories are documented when you are not sure if you should be taking photos...and you must keep taking photographs until someone tells you that you can't. engagement ring The story behind the ring? I believe Cody gave her this when he proposed. engagement propThis is how Cody proposed. He gave Ashlie a journal and told her he wanted to write back and forth, or something of that sort. After flipping through the first few pages she obviously figured out there was a little more to the book than that. The beautiful ring is one of a kind, and specially made from Cody's mother's wedding ring.