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Fine art photographs As a professional photographer, there is nothing quite as significant as personal work. Yet, after a long season, the last thing one may desire to do is pick up a camera and sit in front of a computer editing.

It's practice like this that keeps interest and development at the top of its game. My new ideas don't come from photographing wedding after wedding. It more often than not comes from exploring and experimenting on my own time, free from pressure and pre-envisioned images. It's practice like this that defines and and stretches a photographer. In a time when photographers are a dime a dozen, you may ask what is it that sets us apart? How does one develop imagery that defines an artists specialty?

Last night I had the privileged of hearing Jon Canlas speak. This talented, honest, genuine and unique photographer reinforced the importance of practice and its significance on the way it effects your style and presence. The timing of his talk was particularly encouraging as I finish edits on a few of my favorite images I documented over the holiday weekend.

I am blessed in knowing a Montanan pilot who graciously flew me above some beautiful terrain. I have been really fascinated with the way that the shapes and lines contrast from an ariel perspective. A combination of these art elements create an abstract, yet realistic perspective of creation.

There is nothing quite as genuine as the brilliant and seamless gradient of a sunset or the natural and pleasing shapes that occur when a river flows through a farm land. Not only is the process aesthetically exiting, it leaves me in awe of our Creator and the way that His artistic ability trumps any attempt we can make.

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