artistic denver engagement photographer . mohawk and dancing

Chris | Abby I have known Abby for the past couple of years. I remember her telling me about Chris and a long conversation they had during their first few weeks of knowing each other. She told me how he was listening to her and caring about who she really was. I recall responding with this: "You will find a guy like that...keep waiting for someone 'like that' who really cares about your heart." Not long after the conversation in the driveway, trips to the driving range, alpine slide races and nights of dancing, a surprise birthday party brought home a blue diamond ring on Abby's left hand.

These candid engagement images are full of personality, connection, energy and love. These artistic and unique engagement photographs are the type of images I strive to capture as a couple's photographer. I am so thankful to be a part of this with you both.

urban outdoor photographer

art walk

These images are taken at the Denver Art District on Sante Fe during a first Friday.

eating ice cream

Sweet Action Ice Cream is one of the first spots Chris and Abby went on a date.

doing a back bend

Chris wanted to show off his back-bend kick-over. Though this is a move he hasn't done before, his athleticism shines in any situation.

couple laughing

holding a flower

portriat of couple being serious

playing in the water

couple dancing

couple standing in front of big wall

reflection in fine art photograph

This little pocket of light near the Museum of Contemporary Art is consistently one of my favorite spots to photograph couples.

Guy and girl dancing

"How did they get across the water?" one may wonder.

parking garage

ariel perspective of couple

Chris gets props for this location. The shape and lines are breathtaking.

 lines and shadows