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Unique engagement Photographs Yesterday I made a short jaunt to Chicago to photograph Hannah and Bo. It's important to plan well when traveling for a photo shoot; however, this trip was possibly one of the most random, unplanned adventures of my life. I left Denver with the time and address of the photo shoot written on a piece of paper, yet somehow I didn't get as far as planning out the Chicago public transportation. It took me about 20 minutes to lose my map, which greatly increased the day's adventure. I ran around the city with no clue what I would run in to. Fortunately, the day ended up divinely placing me where I needed to be, as if I had everything planned all along. Hannah, Bo and I met at Cantigny in Wheaton right as the sun was giving its last hours of light. Their love and expression needed little direction. These images are such a clear depiction of the couple's connection. Within the first three weeks of dating they knew they wanted to marry each other. Seven months later, here we are. engagment shoot, romantic photo

I don't think they knew I was photographing them here. I told them I was taking photos of Hannah's ring. These two images are about as natural as it gets. I love the color in this image. Bo mentioned several times that he would love to take a photo by the tanks. To Hannah's and my disdain, we did end up by the tanks taking photos. I willingly jumped on Bo's excitement and made him do something strange. After this I said, "Let's go find a bunch of roses or something more girly."

This image was taken while Hannah and Bo were walking. I probably could have done the whole photo shoot without saying a word and had many wonderful photos like this. Their expression and intimacy didn't need any prompting.

I think Bo was pointing out a hole in her sweater or something. Even their simplest exchanges are rich. The first time Bo and Hannah came to Cantigny they didn't quite grasp the area's fullness. Their picnic took place right next to the parking lot. The area was so beautiful. We could have spent the whole day finding lovely little areas to photograph.

...the energy in this one. Yes, please.

Whenever I look at this image I get this song click here by Foreigner stuck in my head. So please be entertained, click on the link, join me in my head and help me bring back the 80s one blog post at a time. Bo and Hannah will be getting married in Denver early next summer. I am so thankful that I get to be a part of your day.