Botanical Gardens Wedding

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Botanical Gardens Wedding

Though planning a wedding usually keeps a couple up nights thinking through the color of napkins and the sharpness of forks, there are certain touches to the evening that can only be provided by God, like a combination of the perfect cool September evening and a high rattlesnake danger. These, as well as the best reception playlist we’ve ever heard, were two of the elements that not only made Tim and Heather’s wedding uniquely beautiful, but also kept Selah Auxiliary Shooter (Matt, my handsome husband) afraid while kneeling in bushes trying to get some rustic, weedy photos of the bride and groom (see below.)

The officiant was a well-spoken and sagacious judge with wisdom to share. The musician/best man, Carlos, was a Peruvian guitarist with fingers to woo a bee from a flower. The father of the bride pulled his nicest shoes out of the attic only to find they hadn’t held up as well as he hoped. Tim’s Hawaiian mother and aunts performed their traditional dance to the Lee staple, “Tiny Bubbles”. It was a storybook of a night. However, the most iconic event of the night was still the love displayed between all the family, and most of all Heather and Tim. We were happy to be a part of their wonderful night.

Thank you to Chatfield Botanical Gardens along with CC and her lovely crew from Colorado Wedding Company for setting up the environment that allowed for us to document this wedding so well.

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bride getting ready

bridesmaids drinking champagne out of tea cups


bridesmaids laughing at wedding

very unique lighting for wedding photograph

close up portrait of bride

bride at wedding

unique wedding photograph

ceremony site at chatfield in colorado

chatfield botanical gardens ceremony site

bridesmaids during the ceremony

classical guitarist play reception

hawaiian themed wedding




mother of the bride dressed in white

candid wedding party images from denver

natural wedding photogarph

unique barn wedding venue

couple arriving at wedding

unique wedding imagery

chatfield botanical garden barn

dancing at wedding reception