colorado engagement sessions

Colorado engagement sessions

These two. They are the perfect picture of a Colorado couple. If the state had a homecoming king and queen it  would likely be Pat and Larissa. They are the sweet couple who knows and loves the most authentic places Denver has to offer, yet they spend most free weekends exploring the offerings of the Colorado mountains. They are modern, progressive, and down to earth. Their rescued dog travels everywhere he can go. They are awed by nature, naturally exploring it in red lipstick with the perfect glass of wine waiting for them after their trip home.

They are picture of all things great about being in Colorado. Their photos tell us why the geography is wonderful and why the people who live in it are just as great.


] You may be looking at these pictures and wondering, "How do I get photos like these?" As you may have figured out, there is no "best place to go for engagement photos" or "list of things you must wear in your pictures to look great."  What's the trick to getting authentic Colorado engagement photos like Pat and Larissa? Where do you go, what do you do? Search until you find the photographer that speaks your language. Search until you find an eye you love. Narrow down the list of things you love most and collaborate with your photographer to help you find the perfect location to tell your story. Look in your closet and find something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Be ware of blogs and overly-trendy ideas. Remember authenticity never goes out of style. A special thanks to Crown Social for being so gracious in letting us photograph in their space.

artistic authentic wedding photography

artistic authentic wedding photography

2015 in review

I’m not sure if it's that we become more aware of the world as we get older or we really are in a time when things are much darker and uncertain on a global scale. With all the headline felonies, religious persecution, poverty and injustice in 2015 it’s hard not to grieve over the threatening darkness that covers the peace and freedom we all seek and expect. Yet, as I sit here looking out the window during this still, winter evening I rest as the snow so silently covers all things sitting peacefully. I look through these images of all the love we’ve seen this year and know that despite the darkness, there is nothing that can truly steal joy.


 Photographing weddings is quite satiating for curious observers like Matt and myself. We have front row seats to what is one of the most significant days of someone’s life. We’ve taken nearly a hundred thousand photographs in 2015 and have whittled the collection down to 136 moments to feature. It’s interesting to see which images we impulsively share in our year wrap up. We’ve never been the type to spend most of our time helping you remember posed images, trends, details or photos that only show what was happening on the outside. Emotion in its artistic expression has always been one of our favorite things to photograph. This year we've refined those skills and are proud to share a set of artistic, authentic wedding photography that is some of our best.

It's an honor to use all these wonderful people to tell you about happiness and authenticity. I’m featuring over thirty couples, mainly based or rooted in Denver. Most couples are similar in age, demographic and style. Though I can see many of them being friends with each other, every couple is so beautifully unique and their stories reflect their personhood and relationship so accurately.

A very special thank you to everyone we photographed this year for sharing so much of yourselves. The impact that you have on us is great. Despite the headlines and uncertainty, life is good.

Thanks for the significant reminder of that.

engagement photos denver

Engagement Photos Denver

Here’s to hoping that Bruce and Ellen have plenty of room on their walls for some new art work.

The honor was mine in following Bruce and Ellen around Denver for a day in the life, documented-date engagement session.  We started at Little man, walked through their neighborhood in the Highlands, shot on the balcony of their office building and finished at Z-Cuisine, the couples (and my new) favorite restaurant. There are many paths you can take when deciding where to have your engagement session in Denver, however, I’m always quick to encourage making the engagement sessions focus centered around their story and this is a pristine example.

Even after photographing hundreds of couples, I find that each session is special and this one for many reasons was no exception. There are many people who have helped me along the way as an artist-business owner but none who have been quite as impacting as this bride to be. She’s an entrepreneur with a heart for creatives and along my journey when I’ve needed support most, she’s been one to advise Selah to greater places. These images will always hold a dear place in my heart.  Interested in doing your own unique engagement session in Denver? If you're looking to do engagement photos Denver has many options to choose from. Looking for a personal, meaningful and one of a kind session? Consider it a documented date and start with the following questions when deciding where to go:

  • What activities do you both enjoy?
  • Are there any spots that you frequent?
  • Are there any places that tell your story well? What about the spot you first met? The place you fell in love?

Maybe it's making breakfast together or sitting on your patio after work. Sometimes the simplest of things are most meaningful.

couples photography denver

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couples photography denver

Fine Art Couple's Photography | Artistic Denver Photographer

I'm not sure how to more appropriately introduce this set of images aside from saying, "I love them." This wonderful couple visited my studio on Santa Fe during a First Friday Art Walk in Denver. After looking at one of my fine art couple's portraits, they talked about purchasing the item. Then they realized, "Wouldn't it be great if the portrait was of us?" Last week we met downtown to create unique wall art. These modern, custom, art pieces are my favorite aspect of photographing couples. These images become wonderful gifts and heirlooms to pass through generations. A session like this is a great fit for anniversaries or a special gift for an art lover. I couldn't have asked for a better couple to do this project with. I am so thankful to have met these two individuals. [/flo_one_third] [flo_two_third_last padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" class="" ] green trees provide for an interesting background [/flo_two_third_last]


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emotional modern photography[/flo_one_half_last]

an artistic wedding photographer located in Denver photographing engagements and weddings


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couples photography | colorado

I had the privilege of  being this lovely couple's photographer downtown Denver. Flagship REI is a great place to photograph husbands and wives that are looking for a little bit of everything. I photograph couples here often, and I am always up for the challenge of finding something new and different. Between the late afternoon sun, bright smiles, stunning eyes and some sweet spots of light, we documented some great natural and artistic images.

This photo shoot was one of my Tamron 90 mm macro lens' first sessions. The prime telephoto lens is looking like it is going be a great portrait lens and a much needed macro addition to my collection of equipment.

man looking at camera

image of couple laughing

hands of couple

black and white photo with lines

man and woman in relationship

under the bridge

wife and husband laughing

striking photo of womans eyes

couple together

picture of husband and wife walking

shadows highlite the image of man and woman

smiling and laughing

the couple is looking at each other