counrty engagement photographs . rustic . artistic

Chelsea | Grant This set of photos feature one of the most unique and one of a kind location's I have used as a backdrop for my photographs. I doubt I will ever document something similar and I bet that no one else will take their photographs at this location either. The images were taken in south central Nebraska near the area where this couple was born and currently resides.

The rustic, desolate, and antiqued location is filled with as much personality and character as the couple. The two will be exchanging vows at their Colorado Destination Wedding taking place at Ten Mile Station next Summer.

enagement session taken in the country

couple sitting close with the sun behind them

artistic engagement photograph

unique photograph

engagement photograph by old abondoned house

artistic outdoors photograph

rustic image

couple walking in the country

candid rustic engagement photos

couple holding each other close

engagment photographer in denver

old machinery

couple hugging

dirt road

black and white photograph of couple in the country

great photograph of couple

bride to be photograph

couples photograph