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Psychedelic Alchemical Pop Rock | Rubedo

"Hailing from Denver, Rubedo has defied locals’ expectations with a uniquely captivating sound that expertly combines raw, passionate, even wistful vocals with an aggressively psychedelic and soulful groove. In their exploration of both instrumentation and genre that touches on funk-laden guitar riffs, jazzy interludes, and rock-driven abrasiveness" -Rubedo

Every artist can claim themselves as "unique" and "captivating". However not all bands can live up to these claims. This band doesn't focus on pleasing their audience, but being nothing more than exactly who they are.

The creativity and expressiveness of this group of boys exceeded my expectations. They are artists with creative spirits down to the core of their being. I loved every part of this time of exploration.

Rubedo is a must see and a must hear. To top it off, the quips and jokes out of their mouths are almost as entertaining as the riffs and rhythms out of their hands.

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