Creative Wedding Photographs | Ashli . Shane

Creative Wedding Photography I must begin by thanking Ashli, Shane and the rest of their wedding crew. The scary and exciting thing about weddings is that you never know what's going to happen. The "never knowing" began with all of us bathing in heat and mosquitoes during our time at Stolley Park. This was lovingly followed by my car getting hit in the midst of our tightly planned schedule. Thankfully, the officer was sympathetic and hurried things along  as I was setting up my lights outside of my car and preparing to send Whitney off on her own. It was one of the many Improv lessons Whitney learned during this wedding. Thanks to Whitney and her newly birthed assertion, we successfully ran through formals with time to spare. Though we had to remind ourselves to breathe, the one liners were coming out of the woodwork. After the fact I am always thankful for the makes a better story.

Ashli and Shane, you both are wonderful and I am so thankful that we were able to be a part of your day. This one will go in the books.

--Also, I have a new favorite subject to photograph. I like to call him "Taylor". He has many names for me - "Ferg" is common, but my favorite  isn't blog appropriate (it is steak seasoning appropriate, however). To view more of the preview visit our Facebook like page- the link is below.

dancing at wedding reception

girls blowing out candle at wedding reception