custom wedding photographer | matt . leah

Matt | Leah

"You came because life is good. Life is so good you want someone to photograph it, to memorialize it for the rest of time so you can always remember how good it was..." -Matt

I find myself continuously telling people why I think photography is significant, but there is nothing quite as strong as someone telling me why they think it is important.

Matt, Leah and I have been brainstorming ideas on how to package and document their story for the last month. We focused on doing a custom, stylized post-wedding session that pushes for fresh, individualistic and unique imagery. Successful? Indeed. The images are filled with pictures of open hearts, anticipation, connection, memory, color, light and trust, along with images of Leah laughing at Matt's jokes only because she loves him. All this is the "what's important" that Matt is talking about.

Want to see more? Have no fear, there is a Part II. Matt and Leah's musical inspiration shoot will be posted soon.

couple kissing eachother

couple laying under a tree

couple in the forest

bride's hair is blowing in the wind

bride smiling at her groom

groom looking at his wife

bride being photographed

portrait of bride in the trees

husband and wife in the trees

bride and groom in tea shop

This set of images is taken at the House of Commons. A lovely little tea shop that the couple frequents. THEY HAVE GRAPE JELLY NOW!

couple in house of commons

bride and groom dancing

holding hands and laughing

photo of couple hugging

man dipping his wife

music themed photograph

This next set of images was taken at Benders, which is the spot that a long wait in a line met the two and sparked the beginning of a forever relationship.

man holding guitar and singing

man dipping woman in art filled image

couple walking at night

blurry image of couple, fine art feel

couple downtown

Allow me to team up with the shameless promoters of the H is O. Check out these folks on Saturday at Larimer. My experience is speaking to you Denver...It's totally worth it. In case you don't get this from the clip, they are a band. It's a concert.