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Denver engagement photographer

To achieve perfection in the race of humanity is something usually confined to skilled bowlers and spelling bee contestants, however, in my opinion, these photos of Chris and Kristin are a great example of what the perfect engagement session looks like. As a Denver engagement photographer, you would think I end up photographing at the same spots over and over again. However, I’m always encouraging couples to take their engagement pictures at a location that is most special to them and without hesitation, these two chose "Pablo’s on 6th." It’s a little coffee shop right down the street from an old Apartment they had together and was an area where they both spent a lot of time. The setting was a perfect backdrop for the making of an heirloom. I can’t help but imagine what kind of story these images will tell when looking back at them 50 years from now.

They grabbed a couple of cookie-like props and we began photographing. It sounds simple, right? I’ll just be candid in saying that engagement photos can be scary and the thought of having them taken can feel awkward.

While most couples feel this, they don’t always talk about it so allow me to share Chris and Kristen’s light-hearted vulnerability and tell you that they felt awkward at the thought of taking engagement photos. You’re strolling around in a public place with someone you barely know asking you to cuddle and be yourself while they sit there, stare at you and tell you you’re beautiful. You’re not sure if you agree, based on how surreal the whole experience feels.

Chris and Kristin were a couple not unlike many others. They knew they wanted engagement pictures, they knew what they liked and what they didn’t like - but still - it can feel like an uncomfortable experience. I wanted to put them on the spot because most people would never believe that was the case when looking at their photos. I think they were able to quickly let their guard down and as you can see, get a set of beautiful, authentic engagement photos. [/flo_image_text]

What do you do when you’re worried about your photo experience being awkward and inauthentic? The first thing is to hire a photographer who you feel comfortable with and trust. Hire them for their vision and directing skills. From there, choose a location you’re comfortable with, wear clothing you feel good in and approach it with an open mind. Your photographer is there to photograph you, not a posed, perfected version of your relationship.