denver photojournalistic wedding style

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denver photojournalistic wedding style

Adam . Danielle

Nicole and I loved photographing this small-town, country wedding held in Howells, Nebraska. From the dancing to the cupcakes to the wedding party on top of the bar―every piece of this day was a huge celebration.

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catholic wedding

congregation praying hands over bride and groom

funny flower girl

bride and groom dancing together

dancing at reception

dancing bride

photo during sunset

bouquet toss

guests having fun at reception

And now for the custom open-air photobooth. Thanks to a closing of a Denver high school and their theater department's contribution, Selah's photobooth props are better than ever.

candid photobooth

funny hats in photo booth

ideas for photobooth

funny glasses as prop

photo booth props

old ladies in photobooth

dancing in photobooth