Destination Wedding Photojournalists

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Destination Wedding Photojournalists

for Jeff and Dede

In a place where the horses run free like iguanas and the rental cars are built wider than the roads are some of the loveliest beaches on which to wed. The place is , Puerto Rico, and the couple was Jeff with the genuine smile and Dede the adorably animated. They rented the place, they invited their friends, they booked Selah, and they booked the local wedding planner with an iron fist so as to ensure a seamless event. Little did know, however, that the "island life" would pay a visit.

A couple hours before the wedding was to take place, the power went out on the island, thereby making various things more difficult like ironing shirts and cooking the supper. Then came the rain. Just as the rain let up, all the guests set up on the beach thinking the storm had passed. Alas, it was just taking a break, so the rain came back with perfect timing to give all the guests, bridal party, and peeping neighbors a good soak. This would probably be the point where most brides would fall apart. Instead, this was the point where Jeff and Dede shrugged their shoulders and smiled through it with a "what the hell?" attitude. It was awesome. Their character flew.

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Afterwards, we took some bridal party photos in even thicker rain (see below) before sitting down to some speeches and supper. A day this memorable could only be topped with something that we as photographers always hope to see, but never actually do see - people jumping into the pool with their clothes on (bride included, see below). Alas, Jeff and Dede were not afraid to bring it. This also, was awesome.

The whole day seemed to work out perfectly as an analogy for marriage itself, in that you can plan and prepare all of which you are capable but the unforeseen will remain inevitable. Or, as Jeff's mom put it: "Life isn't about how you survived the storm, it's about how you danced in the rain. Enjoy life for the gift that it is!".

Jeff and Dede were two really great people with some really great families and we blessed to be a part of their important day.

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Destination Wedding Photojournalists

Destination Wedding Photojournalists

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