devil's thumb ranch wedding

Devil's Thumb Ranch wedding

The dress was her mother's, the location was one of Colorado's best, we photographed the bride as an attendant of this wedding and it was a perfect blue sky winter day in the mountains.




Liz and Rudy. They met in the cafeteria while working at the same hospital. I don't know that they would have said it was love at first bite but the two were intently drawn to each other before they had officially met. They are kind, poised and authentic and those personality traits were knit through every piece of their wedding. The wedding day was outlined like the kind of weddings we believe to be the best. It was filled with classic pieces of the couple's personality, focused on relationships and celebration. It set every guest in an endearing atmosphere and gave them a delightful filling of food and a lasting impression of love. For most couples older than 20, the likelihood of many of your guests having been to many weddings is high. How do you curate the day to make it one of the best days of your life while leaving a lasting impression on all of your loved ones? It sounds complicated, but it can be broken down into steps. We've found several connections to what makes weddings an incredible experience no matter what.


  1. Make every step count. Don't do a tradition for the sake of the tradition. Only do things in which you find meaning and purpose. Below are a few undertakings that people opt out of or adjust if it's not something significant to them. -cake cutting - toasts - flowers - something blue - bouquet toss - traditionally matching wedding party wear - wedding favors. Omit the question "what is everyone else doing?" and fill the blank in with your favorite things. Maybe it will be trendy, maybe not. It simply needs to be you.
  2. Decorating and DIY is not for the faint of heart. Does the thought of crafting for a year make you really excited? If you could care less, choose a venue that is beautiful as it is or choose a planner who will create an atmosphere in your style. Your wedding does not need to look like a top Pinterest  pin to be wonderful.
  3. Make your party the priority. The most incredible thing about a wedding is the people. Everyone you love most is in the same room and all their attention directed towards celebrating with you. How can you connect with your guests? Can your wedding day be more than a quick hello or a "it would have been nice to meet you?" Explore elaborating your rehearsal dinner, throwing an after-party or setting up activities preceding the wedding day. Find a way to spend time and enjoy as many of your guests as possible. Weddings are about relationships, don't lose sight of that.


4. Remember it well. We say that wedding days are emotionally intoxicating. Months prior you rip the calendar days off one by one awaiting a day that will seem to never arrive. When it comes there is so much going on it's hard to experience. Invest wisely in your photography and documentation but also, think of ways you can remember more than the images. Is there a specially scented flower you can designate as a sensory item you can keep in a wedding box? Can you wear a piece of jewelry you will give to one of your children? Prioritize the documentation but don't lose sight of additional pieces that can help you remember your wedding day. If you're in need of help with any of this, head to the hospital cafeteria and ask Liz and Rudy.

This Devil's Thumb Ranch wedding would not have been as wonderful if Danielle and her team from Entwined had not been involved. A very special thanks to them for orchestrating the day so seamlessly.