Engagement photographer in Denver

Matt & Rebecca's | Denver engagement session I should have recorded myself as I was editing these images. I was saying all different types of "ahhs" while tilting my head and continuously taking my hand from my keyboard to my heart. These photos so genuinely represent the radiance, joy, tenderness and intelligence (I can go on) of this couple.

You probably have one major question for me after looking through these images so I'll just answer it right away. Yes, they really are that cute in person.

Matt and Rebecca were telling me about one of their first dates which was a few years ago at a Halloween party. They were in a low-lit room and because of that, the lipstick all over Matt's face was only noticeable in the photos that popped up after the party. The two were adorably affectionate and perfectly fit from the beginning.

These two New Yorkers will exchange vows next summer in one of my favorite venues, the Kevin Taylor Opera House and I'm sure the wedding will be every bit as classy and joy-filled as this set of engagement photos show them to be.

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