Fine Art Photography | Holga Shoot

I fell in love with the Holga | Round III There is something about getting a role of this film developed that always impacts me―something about the the way I am required to trust that the end result will be unexpectedly beautiful. I can't predict or control the harvest, but I know my camera and understand that there is a capricious beauty which results from experimenting, openness and trust. I don't have the slightest clue what will result in the images, but I think that makes them all the better.

I want my faith to be more like this. In the days where control and vast knowledge are at our finger tips, it's far more simple and safe to take a photo and immediately react to the image. Yet, many of the moments of magnificence materialize when we walk and trust―trust that there will be winsomeness despite the desire to gratify immediately. This is an allure that we would never have been able to construct on our own terms.

On a completely different note, I think the guys that develop my film secretly hate it when I come in. They tell me, "These dark and over-layed negatives are a beast to develop."

These photographs were gently rendered using my new favorite toy, Alien Skin Exposure. The action set is amazing.

The painting-like photographic images were taken in a southern Colorado Rocky Mountain range and within blocks of Selah's studio in the Sante Fe Art District of Denver.

Enjoy. telephone pole in the city

abstract fine art print

photograph of the city

a fine art print

great holga picture

fine art photograph of building

elements of photography

fine art photography print taken of graffiti

holga print for sale

image of a color burst

abstract fine art photography

fine art prints from a holga

Fine art photography prints for sale

fine art print of silhouette photograph of trees

abstract photographic print

fine art photograph

fine art photography print of trees

fine art photography prints

brown toned image

red abstract photograph