green trees and summer country wedding

Angela | Quentin The north-central part of Nebraska hosted the celebration of this delightful couple a few weeks ago. Angela, a self-proclaimed "cat lady without any cats" was caught by Quentin's charm and "wit." Angela have known each other for many years; there is nothing quite as special as being able to help dear friends remember one of the most significant days of their lives. Their personalities and story shine through these images. Though, I was slightly surprised and disappointed that Angela's dress didn't resemble a basketball uniform.

Black bridesmaid dresses. Pink ties. Princess-like wedding dress and a birdcage veil. A candy bar and chandelier to decorate the event. Weddings are a big deal in small-town Nebraska--The day was full and rich. I'm so glad I was able to be there.

bride looking in the mirror

brides dress

first look

Right after Angela and Quentin saw each other for the first time Angela said, "Are you scared?"

first time bride and groom see each other

artistic wedding photograph

Angela is known to make a joke here and there. After taking photos everyone was asking where she went. Angela replied by saying, "Oh, the dump." No one believed her...but we did find some lovely spots to photograph at the dump.

sun and tree wedding photograph

walking out of church

dancing wedding party

green trees and wedding

laughing couple

This is right after I made a joke. Quentin suggested that I don't use that joke again. But it was obviously pretty funny.

cake cutting

first dance

bouquet toss