how to get great engagement pictures

Colorado Engagement Photographer | For Damian and Ashley Combinations. The day of this engagement shoot was cold enough to enjoy a hand-warmer in your pocket yet warm enough to be comfortable outside for hours. The yellow aspen trees and light snowfall gave us a perfect mixture between the fall and winter colors. Damian and Ashley showed a genuine juxtaposition between the fun and romantic side of their personalities. Best of all, we documented a captivating mixture of artistic engagement portraits and natural engagement photographs ready to hang on this couple's walls. We so often are looking for things to match and fit perfectly but this session highlights the beauty that occurs when contrast combines.

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Tips on how you can get great engagement photos

It's obvious that these are some great engagement photos. Many people wonder how they can set themselves up in the same scenario. It's easy to be really concerned about when, where and how your engagement photos will look, rightfully so. This is a once and a lifetime thing and it's a big investment. How can a couple ensure that their engagement photos turn out as well as they can? Ashley and Damian's photos answer this question well.

1. Choose a location that is special to you, but don't fret. From day one, Damian and Ashley had their hearts set on a Colorado engagement shoot and Vail Village has always been a special place to them. Yes, this background is stunning but if you don't have a special place or a specific taste notice that there are many beautiful photos taken that really could have been done anywhere. The photos emote a strong feeling because of the subjects, not the background. The location will not make or break your photos. Hire a photographer you love and don't fret about the location, if you show up willing and in love, you'll get great photos regardless.

2. Only reschedule if the conditions are intolerable. Some of my best engagement sessions have been taken in shady weather. When there is a chance of snow, rain or wind there also is a chance of incredible light and excitement. Most photographers will be glad to try out the session and reschedule if the conditions are really not favorable.

3. Be prepared to be you. Don't worry about your hair being out of place. Don't feel the need to replace your wardrobe or lose ten pounds. For my couples, the best engagement photos happen when I can see that you love the person you are with. The beauty is found in your love not the color of your wardrobe.

4. Trust your photographer. It's impossible to see the way that another person sees. Some of the best custom artwork can be created when the photographer feels trusted and comfortable. If they spend the whole session trying to see what you're seeing or thinking, they likely won't be able to do their best. Find the photographer you love, make sure you are on the same page then let them drive.

5. Hire the photographer you love. You may see a theme here. An apple tree can't grow oranges. A vegan chef probably wouldn't do so well at a steakhouse. An artistic photographer probably does not feel confident with traditional portraiture. You will likely be frustrated with the outcome if you ask your photographer to photograph in a way that they do not see. Find the photographer who's vision you love and trust that they will document you in their best light.