Kevin Taylor's at the Opera House wedding

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Kevin Taylor's at the Opera House wedding

| For Matt and Rebecca

By looking at these photos of her, you can tell how fun and warming her personality is. The bride. She's one of those people you can meet for a second and feel like you've known forever. If you're like me, you want to be her friend and want her to take you shopping (and out to eat).

On July 12th, she was joined with her one. The groom that will likely be able to speak circles around you in the realm of science and with his wife, advise you on the most prestigious eateries and the best BSB moves to perform at your wedding (pictures below).

I'm not usually big on posting detail shots of weddings. I believe the photos should be more about the relationships and stories rather than the decor. But because I was tempted to take home all of their vintage glam decor, it was necessary to post a few images for inspiration.

Matt and Rebecca brought their New York Style for their downtown wedding at the Kevin Taylor's at the Opera House and showed that Colorado has style that can compete with any city. It was a stylish city wedding. As someone who adores the modern and unique elements of life - along with artistic wedding photography - we found a perfect match with these two.Their modern/vintage/glam decor was refreshing scenery for their stylish downtown Denver wedding at the Kevin Taylor's at the opera house. Thanks to Julia and her team at A Touch of Bliss who placed everything together beautifully.

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