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Magnolia Hotel Wedding | Downtown Denver Wedding Photography | for Dan and Julie There are so many things I could mention about this wedding. I could go on about how great Julie's dress and wedding ring were or how fitting the Magnolia was for their style. I could share about the perfect weather and all the little details that made the day special. But really, all I can think about when I see these photos is the smile on Julie's face. I think about the innate kindness that Dan displayed when he interacted with his guests. I remember how vividly proud the couple's parents were. I remember how there was not a moment on the dance floor when everyone wasn't exerting every bit of energy they contained - and find myself still wondering how it's possible that every person at their wedding was such an awesome dancer.

Out of everything, my favorite part was learning the these two are incredible people. It truly was an honor to be a part of documenting this monuments day with them.

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