Contemporary wedding photography

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Contemporary wedding photography

Looking for unique wedding photography? Sometimes different than the smiling photo in front of a church alter? Contemporary Wedding photographs are something the modern couples seeks out. With the availability of quality digital cameras, there are many photographers and photo enthusiast you can find who know how to press the shutter. However,  a contemporary wedding photographer is able to make a photo unlike any of your peers. Whether it's an artistic wedding photo or real, story-telling photography. It mixes authentic wedding photography with a photographers unique and high level of skill.

Mariel and Landon's story is a great example of this style of wedding photography. Their an Austin couple who was seeking unique, authentic photographs.

I'm not sure what the temperature was in Texas last weekend, but lets just say it was 120 degrees outside to enhance the drama. Regardless of the exact temperature, the wedding party an I were about ready to pass out after spending 45 minutes at Mount Bonnell overlooking Austin. I told them that it would be worth it, and believe me it was.

To all of you kind and friendly Texans, thank you for being so welcoming and hospitable. Mariel and Landon, I thoroughly enjoyed documenting your rich story. I learned some new things about Love last weekend.

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