m&b's kiss wedding album . we love it

Wedding Album With the way that the digital revolution has changed the world of photography, there is one piece of tradition that has not lost its significance. Modern wedding albums, or "Story Books" as I refer to them, are such an important heirloom

We just received Bobby and Mariko's 12x12Kiss Leather Wedding Album and are in love with it. The gorgeous book appropriately houses their wedding photographs. It is so good to see days of work and years of memories finished well.

Their wedding images were finished wonderfully thanks to the fabulous crew at Kiss who turned the book around in a ridiculously short amount of time during the holiday season. To add to their accolades, the pre-production, which can be tedious, was actually enjoyable. Their SWAT album designer transformed the laborious album design process into an efficient and productive assembly line.

XOXOXOX's KISS team....but mainly XXXX's. great black leather album company


high quality and simple album




high quality simple album

wedding album

wedding album