mile high station wedding photographer . urban denver wedding

Andy | Angela This urban wedding is inching to the top of my list of all time favorite weddings. Andy and Angela's photography themed wedding infused the bride and groom's unique and eclectic Mile High Station reception venue with memories alongside the celebration of new beginnings.

The venue was doused with photographs. From the personalized photograph place cards to the cup cake wrappers to the smile quotes along the walls. Every piece of the wedding was as personal and unique as the bride and groom.

We love these images and are so glad Andy and Angela found us.

wedding dress made of feathers

preparing for wedding

bride preparing for wedding

bride and groom at wedding

fine art wedding photograph under bridge

bride preparing for wedding


bridesmaid with tattoo

lights near ceiling for an artistic photograph

wedding party image artiscially done

groomsman under bridge

fashion-like groomsman pose

posing guide for wedding party

groomsman looking fashion-like

external light on bride and groom

good photo of wedding

bridesmaids pose

bridal party photograph in denver

fine art photograph at mile high

red car in wedding photograph

red car in wedding

artistic photograph of wedding

couple at mile high

dancing photograph

bride and groom at reception

first dance at mile high station

the photo booth MVP goes to...


This girl.

good photobooth photograph

mustache in photobooth

chalk board

singing karoke

groom at wedding

men wearing plaid shirts

bride in santa hat

bride and groom

The couple told me they were having karaoke at the reception and though I thought it was a great idea I admit I was skeptical as to the amount of participation that would occur. I was immediately shown that this group of friends were seasoned and highly entertaining karaoke hobbyists.

Start playing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody in your head as you view my boy in the plaid shirt in these next few images. It's moments like this that I wish I was a videographer.

karaoke at wedding


There are two reasons I couldn't help but put together a slideshow of this couple's mile high station wedding.

1. There are a plethora of outstanding wedding photographs.

2. (and mainly 2) The couple played 99 red balloons at their reception. I've been dying to find a reason to put that song to some images.