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Natural. Artistic Wedding Photographs . Colorado

"These people are so great." That's the thought thought continues to come to mind when I think of words to describe what this day was like. Paul, Sarah and their group of friends are world changers. Many of them live around the world teaching, peacemaking and studying to be serving and impacting people. They are some of the most kind, peaceful and intelligent group that I've had the pleasure of working with.

Sarah's home, Colorado Springs, welcomed this group to a quaint chapel and Garden of the Gods club for a natural, eclectic, meaningful and joy-filled wedding. You can tell by the reactions of their guests how loved the two are. As the images below highlight so well, the day was saturated with support and happiness.

These natural artistic wedding photographs blend a beautiful combination of photojournalism and fine art photography. This formula is the base for how I create meaningful artwork for couples looking for authentic, unique wedding photographs. It's best described as meaningful artwork. Photos that you'll be proud to hang on your walls for generations.

My favorite Denver photographer, AD came alongside me and captured some incredible images for the bride and groom. I am always thankful and impacted by the way he sees things.

Every wedding should be so happy.

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artistic wedding photographs

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Another special thank you goes out to the staff at Garden of the Gods - for being great and mainly, for bringing us cheesecake after we were done photographing. Also, to Sarah Viera Event Planning & Design and her team for making the reception a flawless event.

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And now - click this link and dance along. Finish looking through the photos and repeat.

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