emotional weddings

Emotional Weddings like this

Emotional weddings like this are my favorite. As a photographer, they invite me in to the story immediately. This couple opened up and allowed the kind honest documentation to flow.

Chelsa and Nick exchanged vows in Kearney, Nebraska, on a brisk, sunny September afternoon. Chelsa and I grew up together going to drama camps and participating in any activity where we could perform or express ourselves. She sings, and she was always traveling to some contest when she was young. I believe I proclaimed myself your manager at some point. That didn't last long, but I've always been a whole-hearted fan since the beginning. These images are so special for many reasons. I love how there is a distinct feeling and story in each of them. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have been able to participate in this experience with you both. There are a million things I would like to put words to that I thought and learned during this day.

Introducing the Bennett's:

This is where you should go to youtube and type in "Can you Feel it" by Jackson Five and then finish looking at the rest of the images. In case you actually do it, find the 2001 final concert version.

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And the award for excessive photobooth users goes to Channing, Jessica and Andrea. At one point they asked if they were taking too many photos and generally I say not at all...but this time smiled and said "Ahhh..." But girls, the more the merrier right? This beauty is an award winner. Chelsa and Nick were able to display a wide range of their personalities in their photos. They were one of the best, nonprompted photo booth couples I've seen.