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Photojournalism for weddings | Boulder, CO | for Stephen, Libby & Wyatt As the average couple does, they excitingly plan out every detail of their wedding for over a year. Your typical bride and groom fill all their free time with sketching their wedding day to represent everything they love about life. As many experience however, no matter how well you organize and how well you delegate there is always something that doesn't go as planned. For most couples, it's something like "the florist is late". The problem of "the venue is inaccessible by land due to massive flash flooding" is far less common. The trauma of the 100 year flood lead to many of the couples wedding plans being displaced in the Northern Colorado area. Despite many of the plans going awry, the loss of the couple's "perfect venue" lead to better things.

This wedding was unintentionally set up to be wonderfully similar to that of Dwight Schrute's. The plan was for it to be held at Pastures of Plenty (kind of like a beet farm), for the groomsman to be wearing kilts with knives called Skindos which are worn as part of traditional Scottish Highland dress. Though the "beet farm" was unavailable due to the Colorado flooding, the couple was able to hold their wedding at the Courtyard Marriott in Boulder, and the hotel actually has never hosted a wedding. It was an incredible example of the generosity businesses displayed in the midst of all the displacement. As one of the groomsman noted, the most amazing thing about the whole celebration was how this didn't shake the bride and groom. The wedding was held in a hotel lobby and it couldn't have mattered less.

From a big picture perspective, it goes show that there is no perfect frill that can make the pieces of life fit together beautifully. Just as in life, having a wonderful wedding day doesn't have anything to do with the perfectly planned details. It's about the people and the experiences you have with them. These wedding images do not feature the bride and groom under a beautiful tree or show them frolicking in front of the sun-kissed mountains. It shows them wanting to be nowhere else than with the people they love most in the world and to me, those are the kinds of wedding photographs that are worth being treasured for life.

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