Photojournalists for weddings

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Photojournalists for weddings

Spruce Mountain Guest Ranch Wedding Photographers | for Jason and Lisa

On a warm Sunday afternoon in Larkspur, Colorado, the rain seemed to be timed perfectly with the events of Jason and Lisa's wedding; only falling during the indoor parts. The skies made for great photo lighting, and the people made for some really great photos. When dark clouds cover the sky on a July afternoon, the bride and groom get worried, and pray it doesn't rain. Meanwhile the photographer is secretly smiling, knowing we are in for some beautiful lighting.

As photojournalists for weddings, thee stories this couple gave us began like this:

Lisa was like one of those brides you see in magazines. She was a beautiful to photograph alone but aligned with Jason, her beauty multiplied and was even more photogenic. There wasn't a dry eye to exit this wedding day. Emotion was painted upon the face of every friend and family member in attendance. As photojournalists for weddings, there is nothing quite as delightful as a group of loving and expressive people. This set of images tells a lot more than simply what everyone looked like. The day was filled with joy and love - and the photojournalistic approach towards documenting it tells that story well.

Other highlights of the night were the various activities facilitated by their DJ, some serious talent on the dance floor by multiple people, and a quite funny yet sensitive speech by Lisa's dad. Great food, personality filled details, and a wonderful sparkling send-off made their memorable day extra memorable as Lisa say goodbye to her "Zucchini" past and started a new chapter of her life together with Jason. We had been anticipating hanging out with these two for over a year and they were even more fun than we expected.

A special thanks goes out to the coordinators Feather and Twig and the staff at Spruce Mountain Guest Ranch for making the so great. [/flo_one_third] [flo_two_third_last padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" class="" ]wedding photojournalism

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