wedding photojournalist

girls preparing to catch the bouquet at wedding Being a professional wedding photojournalist requires more than expensive equipment and technical understanding. It's about the captured expressions, connecting with every aspect of the environment and telling the truest story of the entire day. Our focus at Selah Photography is on these three concepts:

Expression: It is important to have your camera aimed and ready at all times to get the most genuine expressions. If you see the image in your viewfinder you are often too late. One must anticipate; the most expressive photographs occur in a fraction of a second. father and daughter dancing at weddingThis image was taken by Sarah at Jaci and Lane's wedding. The bride told us that she was really close with her father and wanted to make sure we got some genuine images of them together. Sarah was focused, and she documented their closeness well.

Connection: Accurate story telling is carried out best when we are listening and attune to the environment. Being a photographer that documents moments effectively requires an openness that listens and connects. That connection requires the journalist to invite themselves into the situation and remain aware of all happenings. flower girl dancingThis is one of my favorite images Whitney took this summer. The movement is strong and her decision to click the shutter was timed perfectly. She not only captured the vibrancy of the flower girl, but the energy in the environment.

Storytelling: Stories are interrelated and connected. In an emotive environment people display a reaction that develops from someone or something. As a photojournalist, we must observe beyond the main subject. The most unique stories are often told when one has connected with the root of the story rather than the obvious subject. father at wedding ceremony I love this image. Charista's (the bride) father is a pastor and his love for her was displayed vividly throughout the day. This image is of him seems to be a story of him supporting and giving up his daughter to his Father.

dog as ring bearThis is another great image captured by Sarah. The Collin's dressed their dog as the ring bear. As everyone was rushing out of the house to get to the ceremony, the dog wanted to make sure that he went along too.

Capturing images with a photojournalistic approach takes practice. At Selah, our goal is to not only train our eyes to see the honest story all around us, but to fix our minds to each moment, gathering the most genuine of expressions. That is what photojournalistic photography is all about.

Props to Whitney, Sarah, Ben and Rick for their outstanding photojournalist work during the 2010 wedding season. Below are some of the best photojournaistic wedding photos that they documented with Selah during the year.

wedding party photo photo booth image

bride coming up behind groom

bridal photoimage of groom preparing for weddingbridal photo

photo of bride and groom