post wedding . mountain photography

Post Wedding Mountain Photography

LC | Steve

The opportunity to take and edit these post wedding photographs gave me great joy. My day was immediately brightened after I opened these images in Adobe Lightroom. This couple radiates with a pure and thankful love. I am so glad that I was able to partake in documenting these memories. Their gentle and vibrant personalities radiate through the photographs.

The post wedding images were taken at Red Rocks and along the road to Mount Evans while the Aspen trees put on their glorious Fall colors. The images were lit with my trusty Elinchrom Ranger Pack that proved to be incredibly useful during travel and when the couple needed a hint of extra light to enhance the environment.

artistic photograph of bride and groom in aspen trees

couple at red rocks

post wedding session

beautiful image taken in a cave at red rocks

bride and groom standing at the red rocks

fine art post wedding photographer

candid post wedding photographer

bride and groom in front of mountain range valley

veil blowing in the wind

valley filled with yellow aspens and bride and groom

natural and candid bride and groom portrat

artistic photoraph of post wedding session

holding hands

bride celebrating in happiness

bride and groom in front of beautiful trees

beautiful landscape image with bride and groom

bride holding groom in intimate photograph with yellow aspen leaves

fine art post wedding image

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