Wedding at The Four Seasons Denver

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Wedding at The Four Seasons Denver

Documentary Wedding Photographers  | Shahar and Rachel

The only thing predictable about a wedding in February is the cold and this year, we barely predicted that accurately. As for everything else, it's anybody's guess. Especially if the members involved are having a traditional Jewish wedding at the Four Seasons Denver with an R and B band and a delightful craziness that would inspire a bride to enter an outdoor pool towards the end of the reception. By bringing us to their wedding, Shahar and Rachel enhanced our love of wedding photojournalism but also allowed us to take part in what was easily one of the funnest events we have covered.

The dynamic of Shahar, the peaceful well-groomed groom who keeps a James Bondlike straightmannedness about himself at all times juxtaposed with such an emotive bride like Rachel, whose face has more expression than a Jim Carrey career montage, made for some enjoyable shooting. I believe the quote was, "there is no such thing as a bad picture of Rachel." This includes the pictures of her spontaneously jumping up on stage and performing with the band as well her outside going "just a little further" into the hot tub with her supportive husband holding the train and bustle. It was love indeed.

Other highlights of the night included the discourse of the two Rabbis, each of whom were family, the onstage performance of Abba's "Dancing Queen" by Rachel's mother, and two of the most genuine and low stress families we have ever met before a wedding. Smiling, hugs, and all round friendliness were some denominators more common in these two families than in most children's television shows. It was clear that both Shahar and Rachel came from good stock and from people who know how to enjoy the gift of life. These are the same kind of people who look good in photographs whether they are being hoisted above the crowd in a chair or not. We will always remember this wedding fondly in our hearts.

Prepare yourself to smile through this wedding photojournalism and fall in love or re-fall in love with a group of people who you may or may not have met.

Wedding at The Four Seasons Wedding Denver

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