Stop. Listen. Take it all in and dream big

First Friday Art Walk | Modern Denver Photography Studio The word Selah is an old Hebrew word from the Psalms, meaning "stop. reflect. take it in." etc.. The moments of life that we want to hold on to and re-experience are the Selah moments. What is it that makes you not want to hold on and not forget? What day in your life is one that you continue reliving in your memory? Stop. Listen. Take it all in and dream big.

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We put some Selah questions to First Friday art walkers and this is some of what they said:

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One day in my life that would have made for a good documentary would have been: The day I moved to college The day in the ER when I found out I had stage four colon cancer My graduation college day Moving in to my first NYC apartment Halloween 2011 2-11-1981 The first time i held my baby bro Any winter weekend snowboarding Getting stranded in Salzburg, Australia Moving across country Crossing the Cage River Pick a day, I live an extraordinary life One things I'll do to make the world a better place tomorrow is: Jesus is up!! Smile at people Take Public Transit Help a lady organize her office Recycle Go to work Continue to love everyone Volunteer Photo Edit Random acts of Kindness Give extra food to the poor Help someone Relax and spend money. I'm a job creator.

modern photography studio

Have you never attended a First Friday? It's a must. Come down to the Santa Fe Arts District every first Friday of the month from 5:00 to 9:00 pm for a charming cultural experience and art tasting.