symbolic wedding wildflowers

Last weekend I was honored to be this flower's maid of honor. I carried a slue of disposable cameras with me through the wedding week. There is something really lovely to me about documenting with disposable cameras. It is impulsive, unpredictable, and unplanned yet very present. I don't ever look through the viewfinder. Those images are still to be developed... maybe in the next year or so. It tends to be best that way. I didn't photograph this wedding but was honored to experience it. Whitney's colors were "wildflowers" and the theme appropriately strung through much of our weekend experiences.The morning of her wedding we sat outside in the crisp air around a vase of these wildflowers. We talked about how God has made us as perfect and beautiful as the flowers. That we were made to give beauty without asking or expecting anything in return. Vulnerability and openness comes when we meet light and water, and is to be given with no requirements or expectations. There should be no fear in the unique openness, as that is the way we were made. The symbolism is endless, and I think many of us that were there that morning are still praying to be more like the wildflowers. These images were taken a few days before the wedding. Whitney's hair is probably still wet from jumping out of the shower and she doesn't have any make-up on...which really enhances the beauty. She is raw and pure and perfect amidst the like flowers. Out of all of these images the ones that stand out to me the most are those that show her movement in the community of flowers. I'm not sure what to make of her looking down but there is such a story in her activity within the flowers wildly giving. Whitney and Dayton's post wedding session will be coming along in a few weeks. Hold you breath for that one.