vail wedding photojournalists

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vail wedding photojournalists

| for Matt and Roberta

If anyone were to make a snap judgment based on photos alone, they would accuse us hiring good-looking people who are professional dancers to stage a wedding for a photo shoot. However, the truth is that Matt and Roberta and just that handsome and hang out with people who are just that talented. It may have been Vail's remarkably high elevation taking over the international mix of party goers (mostly Brazilian), or it may just have been that Matt and Roberta have been practicing choosing good people even before they chose each other for a beautiful mountain wedding.

The setting was near a creek and a swimming pool, in the yard of the Lion Square Lodge. With some brief spells of rain for good luck, and some moving dark cumulus props giving us good shooting light, it was a good day to immortalize. Whether zoomed in or out, there were aesthetics all over - God's landscaping and human emotion.

Our MVP of the night (not including bride and groom), was of course Roberta's grandfather, who had flown in with his wife of many years all the way from Brazil, knowing very little English. However neither age nor language was a barrier from this awesome guy getting his hands on some of our photo booth props and donning them in the middle of the dance circle to modern day hip hop. These are the kinds of kinds of grandparents we are thrilled to see at a wedding, and the kinds we hope to be when we're their age.

These and more, including a Belgian in a green spandex suit, were dancing like no one was instagramming, in support of two good friends in their commitment of lifelong love and partnership. Good photos of good people. We were so thankful to be a part of their big day, and we know now that the bar has really been set for our next Brazilian wedding.

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Broadmoor Wedding Photographer | Dom . Mary

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Broadmoor Wedding Photographer

For neighboring patrons of the Broadmoor, it may have appeared to be a screen testing for the future James Bond movie when the groomsmen arrived at the scene. With that many handsome men in tuxedos and British accents, one would assume that no one outside of Hollywood could put such a group to assembly. And, one would be right, because it took two, in the wedding of Dom and Mary, not only to put together such a dapper group of men but also to juxtapose each of them with an equally radiant female counterpart (though a Texan accent more than British for the gals).

The whole wedding party and wedding itself was the kind of event that inspires artists to fill frames and Webster to redefine the word "classy." The intimate service took place in a small and antiquated church while the reception was in a room of the nearby Broadmoor hotel, who did not hold back on decor and mirrors.

Taking unique wedding pictures of fun and good-looking people like Dom and Mary makes the job feel too pleasurable to call work. Taking pictures at the exquisite Broadmoor hotel can make a photographer feel too overwhelmed on picking which of the perfect locations is the most perfect. However, with a combination of each, Selah had a momentous evening filling some frames of their own in the company of people who are as beautiful on the inside as the out. Furthermore, if you aren't sold yet, may I also mention that the deer were so close you could almost pet them.


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A BIG thank you to Stephany of SK Events for making it possible for us to document this day so well.

beottcher mansion wedding photographer

[flo_image_text image_url="" img_position="left" img_width="50" ] Russ | Leslie

Leslie and Russ' vintage wedding took place in the Rocky Mountains at Boettcher Mansion. The arts and crafts style mansion is an elite mountain wedding venue located in the heart of Lookout Mountain. It was a perfect fit for unique and creative bride and groom and a Beottcher mansion wedding is as good as it get.

This fun and laid back couple gave us a wedding that was candy for a photojournalistic eye. Everything about the day was filled with joy, energy and character. We were able to capture so many stories that represent their personalities.

We love this wedding.

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Arrowhead Wedding Photographer

A perfect March afternoon at Arrowhead Golf Course watched Jennifer and Levi as they exchanged vows last Wednesday. It was one of those weddings where I thought to myself . . . “no, this doesn’t get old”. Watching people choose to Love...and doing it the way we were made to captivates me every time. From their vows to the intimacy in their family and wedding party. The day was focused on relationship and every special part of it was highlighted. Jennifer and Levi, I am honored to have witnessed such beauty and intimacy. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day.

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