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natural engagement photographs
natural engagement photographs

Engagement Photos

Every couple is so unique, but the good ones always have something on common.

Russ was able to verbalize it so well during our session, "She makes me look good; Diana makes me better." He was specifically talking about the pictures but I could tell they make each other better in many aspects of life. Whether it's that couples are made for each other or they grow into being made for each other, these two have arrived at that place of love.

Every couple is so unique.

Despite having a significant commonality like love, every story, every connection, every personality is distinct. It's something that is quite obvious to me in the short-quality filled time I spend with each at a session. Even if I were to take each couple to the same spot at the same time of day, no two sessions would be alike. If a couple were to look at an image in my portfolio and say, "that's not really me." I would agree and take it as a compliment. The goal in doing a couple's engagement photos is to authentically capture a set of photos unlike anyone else's. We want the photos to be a process in creating an heirloom that is authentically them.This session is such a great example of authentic documentation.

How does it happen? It begins with listening and interacting and usually ends up with the couple leaving a special mark on our hearts. Even within an hour and a half's time it's amazing how much I can fall in love with a couple such as Diana and Russ. After about five minutes into taking their engagement photos I felt like I should have hired them and not the other way around. They are clearly beautiful on the outside but being photogenic and taking great engagement photos requires a lot more than just being physically attractive. The prepossessing draw in these images is their love.

top engagement photographers in Denver
top engagement photographers in Denver

Russ and Diana will wed in October. I'm certain the wedding will be quite beautiful. Check back soon.

best engagement photos

Best engagement photos | how to get yours

With all the details and decisions involved in planning a wedding, why would anyone just wing it with the engagement photos? Believe it or not, there are some things you can and should consider when doing and engagement shoot. As a great example of that, we should view Yen and Adam, who did everything right.

1. Be photogenic.

I'm not telling you to be pretty -  be photogenic. Being pleasing to the camera begins with authenticity. When meeting with a 2015 Bride and groom recently, the groom made a comment about how everyone in my book was attractive - and that they weren't quite like them. I noted how I never shoot models, everyone walks in to a shoot on the same page. I believe everyone is photogenic and as Yen and Adam can show you, it's really their inner beauty that making them look so stunning in these photos. Their poise, confidence, relationship  and that sparkle in their eyes are just a few of the things that make these images some of the best engagement photos. Don't think "selfies"; think "this is a moment with the person I love".

2. Incorporate meaningful pieces in your wardrobe.

Wondering what to wear for your engagement session? I often recommend couples go to their closets before they go shopping. Wear something that is special to you. Put on your go-to outfit that you always feel great in. Wear something that will tell a story in fifty years. Yen has several pieces she wore, including one of her wedding dresses that is both sentimental and unique. Their wardrobe is more then simply a trendy outfit they recently purchased.

3. Be up for anything.

Photographing in the snow looks romantic and all - but actually doing it is a lot colder and more uncomfortable than these photos show. Yen and Adam really fought to get relaxed and forget about the cold to bring out these amazing snowy engagement photographs. While photographing inside of Union Station, I told them we just would run outside and do a few images. After seeing how beautiful it was I asked them to stick it out longer despite the cold. They did. Obviously, it was worth it.

4. This is fun.

Let's be honest, at first, being photographed can be an uncomfortable thing.  If you prepare well, it doesn't have to be. Spare the time you would spend warming up to the camera and prepare yourself to have a lot of fun. You get to dress up, have someone tell you how great you look for an hour and do something really special with your fiancé. Make a night of it. Get drinks before and go out to a nice dinner after.

5. Why do engagement photos?

best engagement photos in the snow
best engagement photos in the snow

Ah. "We'll have enough pictures of us at the wedding", you may think. "What will we do with the engagement photos?" This is a real thought and concern for many couples. Why even take engagement photos? I argue that if you have amazing engagement photos like these, the possibilities are endless. No, you may not want a huge close-up photo of you smiling at the camera to hang on your walls forever. If you have meaningful, artistic engagement photos like these - hanging the images on your wall forever is a pleasure. To get the best engagement photos - keep in mind that not all photographers are the same. Look for the best engagement photographer to tell your story. These photos will last forever. You're creating an heirloom. 

best engagement photos
best engagement photos
stylized engagement photos
stylized engagement photos

Yen and Adam's photos were taken at the newly remodeled Union Station. As an engagement photographer Downtown Denver, this is one of the best spots to photograph. We live in such a great city.

engagement session downtown denver

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Engagement session Downtown Denver 

Artistic City Engagement Pictures

It takes a certain amount of courage and creativity to dismiss the traditional Valentine's Day pink and red and replace them with bold tones of purple and leather with fur. Fortunately for Finn and Laura there is no lack of courage, creativity or style preventing them from making this a perfect Valentines day post. I couldn't think of a better couple to feature on the national day of love.

Their engagement session downtown Denver left us with a lot of chic-city loving images.There are many spots to photograph in the city but I'd have to say, we hit a few of the best during this session. If you're searching for the best location to shoot, check out our comprehensive list below.

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Laura with a face of emotion that could cover a whole magazine and Finn who is the picture of Johnny Depp as lead singer of Arcade Fire give us a true American snap shot of what love looks like. After proposing marriage on a Paris getaway in front of the Eiffel tower these two promptly headed to downtown Denver for what would be one of the best engagement shoots Selah has done in awhile. In this case, the pictures speak for themselves. Finn and Laura knew what they wanted and were excited to share this step in the dream of life together. They shared location. They shared style. They shared their love out loud. All I had to do was keep up. These are the shoots that make my job a joy. These are the people that make Valentines day what it should be; an authentic expression of love.[/flo_one_third] [flo_two_third_last padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" class="" ] denver's best engagement photographer

engagement session downtown denver

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Finn and Laura's photo shoot took place downtown Denver near the Museum of Contemporary Art, Larimer Square and Platte Park. All of the best spots to photograph downtown that feature Denver's modern, contemporary, chic-city flavor.