Broadmoor Wedding Photographer | Dom . Mary

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Broadmoor Wedding Photographer

For neighboring patrons of the Broadmoor, it may have appeared to be a screen testing for the future James Bond movie when the groomsmen arrived at the scene. With that many handsome men in tuxedos and British accents, one would assume that no one outside of Hollywood could put such a group to assembly. And, one would be right, because it took two, in the wedding of Dom and Mary, not only to put together such a dapper group of men but also to juxtapose each of them with an equally radiant female counterpart (though a Texan accent more than British for the gals).

The whole wedding party and wedding itself was the kind of event that inspires artists to fill frames and Webster to redefine the word "classy." The intimate service took place in a small and antiquated church while the reception was in a room of the nearby Broadmoor hotel, who did not hold back on decor and mirrors.

Taking unique wedding pictures of fun and good-looking people like Dom and Mary makes the job feel too pleasurable to call work. Taking pictures at the exquisite Broadmoor hotel can make a photographer feel too overwhelmed on picking which of the perfect locations is the most perfect. However, with a combination of each, Selah had a momentous evening filling some frames of their own in the company of people who are as beautiful on the inside as the out. Furthermore, if you aren't sold yet, may I also mention that the deer were so close you could almost pet them.


groomsman portrait

photograph of bride in front of painting at the broadmoor hotel

portrait of bride at the broadmoor

beautiful wedding photographs

fine art wedding photographer in denver

fine art photographer at the broadmoor hotel

artistic wedding photographer in denver

mountain destination wedding location

layered wedding photograph

candid wedding photograph

great photo of guests

night shot of lake and buildings at broamoor in colorado springs

sparkler exit at Broadmoor hotel

A BIG thank you to Stephany of SK Events for making it possible for us to document this day so well.

unique winter wedding photographs

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unique winter wedding photographs

Matt | Becca

Matt and Becca committed the rest of their lives to each other on New Year's Eve 2010. The Colorado wedding in seven degree weather didn't  put any sort of freeze on their winter wedding day. Matt & Becca are one of those couples who exudes so much joy and anticipation that you can't help but be equally as excited about their union. I have photographed many of the couple's attendees prior to Matt and Becca's wedding. I typically tell clients, "The more we know you the more we can do for you." I believe that statement reigns true after this wedding. We were able to capture some genuine, photojournalistic moments. If only I could post all of the photos for everyone to preview.

Ever wonder what would happen if it snowed on your engagement photos?

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guy's getting ready

Everyone always wonders what it is that guys do in order to prepare for the wedding. Here, they in the most loving way are quoting Braveheart:  "They can take our lives but they can't take our freedom!"


flower girl

first time bride and groom

This is the first time Matt and Becca saw each other.

admiring friends

This is the first time everyone else saw Matt and Becca see each other :)



It was freezing outside. Being able to see your breath is an excellent way to affirm that. It maybe wasn't necessary for me to make the groomsman do this for over a minute, but the goal was to find some good expressions. I believe this image was taken right after I made a joke that went the wrong way.


wedding organistThese are the hands of my favorite organist in the world. Paul and I have been a part of approximately 6-8 weddings together, and it is always a treat.

Though it was freezing outside, Matt and Becca's sparkler exit was a unique and epic send off.

photojournalistic wedding photo

ring bear dancing

reception dancing

bride tossing bouquet

tossing garter

Found below is a time lapse video of the dancing at Matt & Becca's wedding. Matt of Amore DJ Entertainment is one of the best, most professional and caring DJs I have worked with. This video showcases a bit of the energy that his services facilitate.

Keep clicking through the blog. The next two posts feature Matt and Becca's photo booth along with a tribute to Matt's groomsman.

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