Union Station engagement photographs

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Union Station engagement photographs 

These photos are a really great example of how images can turn in to heirlooms after only a few years. The newly renovated Union Station shown in this posting shows the dramatic change that time can make. When choosing the right location, I think it's important to think of going to spots that will show time. Having Union station engagement photographs like these, show much more than what you looked like when engaged. It's a bit of history to go along with your story. It sets the time and place and gives you a point of reference for what life what like.

Now for Heidi and Adam's session.

So Heidi and Adam aren't really dancers. Yet, I kept making them dance yesterday during their engagement session at Denver's Union Station. The movement revealed a wonderful connection between the two of you. I guarantee that your guests would be elated if you pulled out some of those moves during your first dance.

Heidi warned me that she may not be very photogenic...and well, if this isn't photogenic (i thought of about ten really bad comparisons, I'll spare you) then _______. I'm not sure if I have ever used the word stunning to describe anything I've documented, but I believe that stunning is a highly accurate description of these images. This is such beautiful love, and I can feel it through these stills. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.


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