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Unposed Wedding Photographer 

For Dan and Lili

The unposed wedding photo. "Eh?" One may think if they believe a photo is a photo is a photo. "We are all family," I heard repeated from many of the guests and family members. How would one accurately document that? The most important thing for this family was that the celebration be a true representation of the relationships and love within the wedding attendees.

The wedding day truly is an incredible experience. The bride and groom is surrounded by everyone they love most in the world while eating like kings and dancing like there isn't a worry to be found. The negative to this is that it happens in a really short amount of time and all of those loved ones fly back to their homes and its ended before we realize it had started. To me, it makes a lot of sense that in biblical times weddings lasted weeks, it really is too great of an experience to wrap up in one day. Which is why wedding photojournalist, the natural, un-posed photo is so important. Thanks to camera phones and social media, you can pull up hundreds posed image of your loved ones at any point but to have a set of photos that remember the way you were feeling on around all of your bests...a set of photos that don't offer a facade rather an accurate representation of of what it's like to be at one of the most significant days of your life...that is when a photo becomes more than a photo.

This wedding was great for many reasons, though one of the things I remember the most came from the toast of the father of the groom. The couple has a story-book worthy tale of how they met and fell in love while the groom was working in China. The father of the groom noted how when he was the Bride and Grooms age, it would have been near impossible for an American to marry a Chinese citizen. "We have come a long way," he noted. With all the turmoil that happens between countries I am honored to have documented a story of love and union that highlights the good that is going on.

A special thanks to the wonderful staff at Arrowhead Golf Course directed by one of our favorite coordinators, Kiersten.

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