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Urban Wedding | Colorado Athletic Club

For James and Jennaweh

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It happened just like it does in the movies.

She’s in a place in life where she’s ready to meet someone. She’s accomplished with notable honors, he’s a gifted culinary artist - They’re in their own worlds, out spending a Saturday night with friends and walking amongst many eyes, he sees hers. He stops her, tells her how beautiful she is and the “I think I’m going to marry him” conversations start happening with the best friend that next day. Then the credits roll, we take a deep breath and remember that love never really happens that way.

Well, almost never. The busy street corner was 20th and Market. The stars of the movie were Jennaweh and James. One evening walking in downtown Denver, one of the most kind and joy-filled couples I’ve had the pleasure of photographing were randomly lead together and on a lovely evening the following September we met in the same urban setting to celebrate their union.

The wedding took place at one of the most beautiful and ornate Greek churches in Denver. The ceremony was rich with tradition and symbolism. The reception lead us downtown Denver near the location where the two met at the urban wedding venue, The Denver Athletic Club. Cultural dancing, fine eating, joy and gratitude were just a few of the things that highlighted the evening.

It’s the stories that draw us in to one another. Weddings are wrapped around stories of who you were, stories of wise people who wrote of love, our creator who dictates our story and hope and prayers for where the story will go. I think this small selection of James and Jennaweh’s documentary style wedding photography will encapsulate the pieces of life up until today. We’ve got the story of the city, the emotion, affection and feeling. The trailer to their next movie is said to be even better.

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