Denver Clocktower Wedding Photographers


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Denver Clocktower Wedding Photographers

 for Eric and Tiffani

Because of a childhood steeped in folklore and Disney movie, most people associate clock-towers with hunchbacks or women with long hair in captivity. Though neither when Eric or Tiffani were long haired or hunchbacked, it didn't take us long to guess that they were bound to creative, fun, and our kind of people. They did not disappoint.

With a cozy, Sunday afternoon wedding that was small in number, Eric and Tiffani booked the upper levels of the Denver clock tower in downtown Denver on 16th street. For an urban wedding photographer in Denver, this historical landmark of a location made for a beautiful downtown wedding and some really great aesthetics for artistic wedding photos. With the rocky mountains as a backdrop, the skyscrapers on the horizon, and a close-knit group of smiling family members from out of of town, we were able to take some wonderful shots of some wonderful people.

Some other highlights were, the bride and groom moving chairs and helping the caterers carry in their equipment. This kind of everybody-pitch-in mentality made things go really smoothly and highlighted the servant-like down to earth nature of the couple. Another great part of the night was the catering was Chipotle... needless to say, your photographers were pretty excited about that. Furthermore, the music was hired out to a professional guitarist who had an uncanny resemblance to actor, Zac Efron (his actual name is Aaron Medina and was quite impressive). The wedding cake was as delicious as the bride and groom were awesome.

These were the type that make you say, "you guys should get married more often. You're doing great!" We did say this, but neither Eric nor Tiffani seemed up for it. We were honored to be a part of their special day and to record their Midwestern awesomeness. The reputation of the clock tower owes them a big "thank you", and so do we. [/flo_one_third] [flo_two_third_last padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" class="" ]

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