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Villa Parker Wedding Photographer

Sarah | Magno

Sarah and Magno celebrated their wedding day at the Villa at Parker. The Villa at Parker is a classic and unique wedding venue. It can host up to 200 guests for weddings and receptions. This great wedding venue is at the tip of the city which allows for a breathtaking mountain view along with a luxurious, intimate and home-like feel. As a photographer, the available light and unique backgrounds within walking distance made this location a new favorite of mine. In addition, the staff is fabulous. I highly recommend this location to bride and grooms searching for a wedding venue in the Denver or Parker area.

The space was a perfect fit for Sarah and Magno. Their meaningful wedding was filled with friends and family from all around the world. Every groomsman was from either a different state or a different country. The men proudly and respectfully represented the United States in their uniforms. The venue needed little decoration but was adorned with 1000 origami birds hand made by the maid of honor, representing good luck. The evening was topped off with an antique Rolls Royce limo to send the couple away.

This wedding sealed yet another full and successful wedding season for Selah photography. Through the year I have worked with several gifted artists and creators. I am going to start a slow clap for the Selah crew. Feel free to clap along. bridesmaid getting ready for wedding


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