wedding at arrowhead golf course

Wedding at Arrowhead Golf course

A wise wedding coordinator once said that "the best venue decorator is God. He is arguably the cheapest too". These words ring truer with every visit to Arrowhead Country Club we make and after attending the recent wedding of Damian and Ashley, we considered changing our slogan to: "Selah Photography - where we make good-looking and fun people look good-looking and fun." In this wedding, perhaps the two best-looking were also having the most fun.

Damian and Ashley knew what they wanted their special day to be like and they got it. The ceremony was outdoors and with some cooperative weather and the amazing backdrops of rock, forest, water, and golf course it was easy to shoot the two of them and capture all the splendor the location. After that the party headed inside, where they were appetized for a while by what was perhaps the best macaroni and cheese bar we've ever seen, then transitioning to an awesome dance party, the star of which, was Damian himself who pulled out some surprise break-dance moves for all to enjoy. After a brief break for creative and comical speeches, the party entered its next stage, which included some dynamic karaoke performances. Within all the festivities, we did manage to pull the couple outside for a few great open-exposure night shots as well.

All in all, every stage of this event was well-planned and beautifully carried through. It was definitely our pleasure to get to hang out with Damian and Ashley and their guests for the day, as well as the night.

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