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If you are visiting Selah and reading this posting, you're likely "that couple." The one who would rather not have photographs of their wedding than to spend their precious day standing unnaturally for a pile of formals photos - a blessed time where everyone is happy to be together while at the same time yelling to find Uncle Tom who has wandered off.

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But also, you get it. There needs to be some photos of your family.These are the traditional photos that you will have to see every time you walk past your parents’ mantle on every trip home for the next several years. We want your photographs to be valuable for life. Our personal belief is that photographs simply showing what you look like while smiling at the camera are not timeless. We believe that these are not the type of photos that will help you re-live the love and excitement of your wedding day.

We are not aware of too many photographers who are more non-traditional or anti-formal than we are. As wedding photojournalists there was one point in the life of Selah that we would have celebrated whenever a couple didn't want formal photos at all.

Though “non-traditional wedding photographer” describes Selah's documentation accurately, I highly value sentiment, relationship, and family and am always seeking to document that from a wedding photojournalists' perspective. Yet, through experience we have learned that there is a special and important place for the not-so-formal family photographs.

During our wedding, our formal list was about as short as it can get. We had four or five photo groupings then were done. Oddly, as anti-formal as we are, we cherish every one of them and do have them uniquely hung on our walls at home…yet we find ourselves saying "I can't believe I didn't ask for a photo with this guy."

We aren't writing this to scare you and we definitely are not writing this to encourage you to make a list for your photographer describing every image that you want. We believe that almost everyone at your wedding will be significant to you and want to journalistically document that to the best of our ability.

We've found a balance between this love-hate relationship of formal photos. We call them natural family photographs. We have discovered a mix between getting those important family photographs while making the experience efficient, simple and natural.

Truth be told, during the wedding day it's really not possible to grab a photograph with everyone you love. When our brides and grooms create their formal list, we ask them to keep two questions in mind:

1. Will I actually display or use this photo in an album? 2. Will I regret it if I don't have a photo with this person?

After all, this may be the only time in your life when every person you love is in the same room for a celebration. How do you want to remember that? As a top Wedding Photojournalist Denver is the place we call home.

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